Reputation Management Pro Joseph Verrico Shares Four Ways An Online Mugshot Can Affect Your Career

Joseph Verrico

November 15, 2021

Joseph Verrico Reputation Management Pro Shares Four Ways An Online Mugshot Can Affect Your Career

Learn How An Online Mugshot Can Hurt Your Reputation – And What You Can Do About It With Tips From Reputation Management Expert Joseph Verrico

You’ve made mistakes in your past – we’ve all been there. If you have a mugshot floating around on the internet, you’re right to be concerned about how employers will view you. In today’s digital world, information about your past is instantly accessible, and it’s important to do all that you can to clear up the history of past mistakes. Here, reputation management expert Joseph Verrico shares exactly why you need to act fast when your mugshot is posted online.

1. Your current employer could see your mugshot and question whether you have a future at the company.

If you’re currently employed, your mugshot will likely become workplace news, especially if your arrest is listed in local newspapers or on your town or county’s website. Reputation management expert Joseph Verrico says it’s important to get out in front of your mugshot and talk to your supervisor before hearing about it from someone else. Be honest, be upfront, and let them know that the issue isn’t going to affect your job performance. If there’s a problem that needs correcting (like an addiction or anger management issue), Joseph Verrico recommends talking with your supervisor about the steps you’re taking to correct the problem.

2. If you get fired, having a mugshot online could hurt your chances of getting a new job.

If your legal issues result in losing your job, you must clean up your online reputation before you begin finding a new place of employment. No matter how great your resume is, your potential new supervisor will do an online search for you before you’re scheduled for an interview. If your mugshot is still online, it’s possible that an employer could decide not to interview you due to your legal troubles. If it’s not possible to get your mugshot removed before applying for new jobs, reach out to your potential new employer to provide an explanation and ask to be still considered for the position.

3. An online mugshot could make it hard to connect with new coworkers, according to reputation management pro-Joseph Verrico.

After getting hired at a new job, your coworkers will likely search for you online to learn more about you, and it’s possible that they could come across your online mugshot. This could impact your working relationships and lead to workplace gossip, making it tough to bond with your new team. While coworkers may try hard to remain unbiased after seeing your mugshot, it can be difficult for them to forget your legal troubles when they interact with you at work.

4. An employer may attempt to pay you at a lower-than-fair rate knowing that you have limited job prospects due to your online mugshots.

Part of beginning a new job is negotiating a salary. When your new employer knows that you’ve had trouble with the law, they also know that your incoming job offers may be few and far between. Unfortunately, some employers may try to take advantage of you by offering a lower salary than you deserve. When your mugshot is online, it can be harder to leverage your skills and experience into a higher salary offer.

Suppose you’re going through the unfortunate experience of having a mugshot posted online. In that case, you must talk steps to get it removed as quickly as possible to continue advancing in your career field. If your mugshot is currently available online, reputation management expert Joseph Verrico suggests consulting with a professional reputation management company.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out online mugshot removal yourself – even if you’re successful in getting the photos taken down on one website, likely, they’ll quickly appear on another. A professional reputation management company understands this and has ways to scour the internet to ensure that your mugshot is removed permanently. Joseph Verrico, rep management pro, says that it’s vital for the future of your career that you work with a company that knows how to clean up your reputation – for good.