Reputation Expert Joseph Verrico Explains Why Content Marketing is Vital in 2021

Joseph Verrico

September 28, 2021

Joseph Verrico Reputation Expert Explains Why Content Marketing 2021

Content marketing doesn’t just help you to reach your audience. In a world that is now more digitally focused than ever, reputation expert Joseph Vericco explains that your level of content marketing directly correlates to how much people trust you. It is intrinsically linked to reputation, whether you are an individual or a business.

Your Reputation—Just A Google Away

In today’s digital economy, building an online presence is vital. Taking control of how that presence forms, however, is just as necessary. The Google Search has almost become the ultimate test of credibility: “Well, I Googled it, and nothing came up so…” Joseph Verrico works with this very notion every day. He also sees how easily someone’s digital presence can be controlled by something unwanted.

As the public has more and more access to tools they can use to express their opinion, Joseph Verrico warns that putting one foot wrong can mean that the first search result page for your name is less than flattering. Of course, people need to have a way to express their opinions, but if you or your business do not do enough to counter the few negatives, that may become all anyone sees.

Overwhelm The Algorithm, says Joseph Verrico

Content marketing has long been lauded as the best way for individuals and businesses to build credibility. And that is still entirely true, but as Joseph Verrico explains, it is also a great way to swing the digital narrative in your favor. There is very little to do about one or two bad reviews or comments about your work or products. You can’t make them go away, but you can make them less visible.

By producing consistent, relevant, and high-quality content to market yourself or your business, you can push the occasional negative nancy right down to page 10.

Value Begets Value

The value that you put out into the world through excellent content marketing is compounded when you secure customers through those channels. According to the Content Marketing Institute,61% of US-based online consumers decided to purchase after reading recommendations on a blog.

Content marketing provides conversion rates that are six times higher than other marketing methods. Joseph Verrico has seen this happen in his industry. When consumers feel they are receiving positive value from a business or individual through their content, they are far more likely to part with their cash in return for even more weight.

Content is New Test Taster

Gone are the days when businesses and individuals would market themselves by providing free test runs or samples of their products. Today, your content is your sample, and your customer is trying out your brand for size every time you release a piece of content, so what are you waiting for?