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Joseph Verrico: Why Content Removal is Critical in 2021

Joseph Verrico is a content management expert who understands the importance of tracking your content’s success and making sure that it converts to your needs. Content removal is something that many companies don’t fully understand. However, it will be crucial in 2021 due to the new changes that will be implemented by search engines.

Why Content Removal is So Important According to Joseph Verrico

In 2021, Google plans to update its search algorithms to increase its effectiveness and ability to seek high-quality content. Google Panda updates will change a lot of what to expect, Joseph Verrico says, especially when it comes to the type of content that will be appreciated. The changes aren’t known yet, but Joseph Verrico has a few ideas of what may occur here.

Increasing the uniqueness of content is going to be huge in 2021, Joseph Verrico argues, as Google improves its algorithms and makes it easier to spot repeats. Authority is going to matter even more, Joseph Verrico states that more companies will find that their outsourced content doesn’t hold the same weight because it lacks a name or an identity.

Therefore, Joseph Verrico argues that content removal is critical in 2021 and that you should start the process in a way that makes sense for your business. The method of removing content isn’t something that you can approach without a lot of care. It is critical to examine the steps outlined below to ensure that you succeed where others in your field may have failed with content management.

How to Remove Content Successfully

The first step in the plan created by Joseph Verrico is to audit your content and decide how well it performs. Check its SEO stats, including how long people visit, how often they come, and whether they head to other site areas first. Joseph Verrico states that most content on your site may end up stalling your customers if it feels like a hard sell or doesn’t seem to have a unique purpose.

Ask yourself this tough question: does this content serve a purpose for my customers? If so, Joseph Verrico says it is critical to check the keywords next. Perhaps you have some dead keywords that aren’t converting any more, and you need to get rid of them. Or maybe you have to add some new keywords that Joseph Verrico believes will enhance your old content quality.

Now, you need to decide whether you want to upgrade that content, keep it as it is, or remove it entirely. Joseph Verrico suggests moving any negative content such as political-oriented messages, topics that have been proven wrong, or any other controversial items. Keep your website strictly business-oriented, and you can succeed. 


Joseph Verrico Discusses Major Trends That Have Transformed Working From Home in 2020


Tuesday, October 22, 2020 10:50 AM

Joseph Verrico discusses major trends that have transformed the work-from-home experience in 2020.

SARASOTA, FL / OCTOBER 22, 2020 / Before 2020, working from home was a luxury a few occupations and companies allowed. Now, amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become more common than heading into the office. Joseph Verrico recently discussed major trends that have transformed the work-from-home industry this year. 

“What was once a major job perk has now become a job requirement,” Joseph Verrico said. “Working from home has become essential during this pandemic, and the trends we’ve seen are looking like they will change the professional world forever.”

Joseph Verrico described a study performed by The Kung Group that surveyed over 500 business founders. The goal was to see how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their business models and how they think the workplace will look moving forward. One of the most impressive findings was that roughly 70 percent of the founders stated that they will allow some, or even all, of their employees to work remotely after the offices reopen. 

“It appears that business owners and executives are seeing several major benefits of having some or all of their employees work remotely,” Joseph Verrico said. “Employees are proving to have higher rates of job satisfaction, and they’re accomplishing just as much, if not more, at home as they do in the office.”

Joseph Verrico explained that the founders who stated they would allow employees to work remotely reported that they would likely allow 70 percent of employees who used to report to the office continue working from home. That means an office would only be required for roughly 30 percent of the employees who were formerly working there. Joseph Verrico added that this could help reduce overhead costs in a major way. 

“Employers are starting to assess all of the overhead costs associated with office spaces,” Joseph Verrico said. “Sixty-six percent of the founders surveyed said they have been seriously reconsidering the importance of their office spaces and if a true brick-and-mortar office is even required.”

Amazingly, Joseph Verrico added that 76 percent of those surveyed stated that productivity has increased or remained the same while working remotely. Sixty-five percent said they would not return to an office setting if stay-at-home orders were lifted right now. 

“The biggest trend we are seeing is that working from home is going to become drastically more accepted than it was before the pandemic,” Joseph Verrico said. “Major companies like Google, Square, and Twitter have confirmed that working remotely is going to be a new way of life.” 

Joseph Verrico finished by explaining that we can expect to see numerous other trends emerge due to these findings. It won’t be long before companies are selling their office buildings, people are moving away from some major cities, and we see more products catered to the work-from-home environment. One thing we know for certain is that the entire work culture as we knew it pre-2020 will never be the same. 


Why Reputation Management is Essential for Businesses in 2020

According to Joseph Verrico, the lead reputation analyst at Net Reputation, reputation management is no longer optional. It is essential to your business. 97% of businesses say that their online reputation is important to their business. Consumer behavior has changed, making reputation management more important than ever. According to Joseph Verrico, an excellent reputation is essential to a thriving business, and this trend is here to stay.

Why Reputation Management

“You can please everyone some of the time, but you can’t please everyone all the time” Abraham Lincoln. Joseph Verrico explains this is why reputation management is needed. It’s not for businesses that are shady or don’t try to please their customers. It’s because pleasing everyone all the time is an impossibility, and one bad headline can cancel out many good ones. The bad headline doesn’t even have to be directly related to your business to have an impact. Your personal character is important as well.

How Bad Could It Be?

70% of consumers won’t buy from a company they view negatively, and 18% will discourage peers from purchasing from the company as well. Word of mouth advertising is often cited for it’s benefits, but it can be detrimental when you have a negative reputation. One in three companies worry about the future impact of negative content for their business.

It’s also important to note that whether the negativity is based on fact has little relevance, according to Joseph Verrico. More than half of businesses have been the victim of unproven negative reviews or trolling on the internet. It’s all about perception. What people perceive to be true has a greater impact than what actually is. Truth comes out eventually in most cases, but once the damage has been done it’s difficult to repair.

It’s All About the Front Page

Joseph Verrico explains that the first page of your Google search results is where the magic or damage happens. Google accounts for 92% of web search traffic, which is why Google results are so important to reputation management. 90% of people only look at the first page of search results.

A negative reputation can cost a business 22% of its sales with one negative review on the first page of search results. When there are four or more, businesses lose 70% of their customer base, Joseph Verrico points out.

Conscientious Consumerism

Conscientious consumerism isn’t new, but it is having a greater impact than ever before. Joseph Verrico states it’s not just avoiding a negative reputation that’s important these days. Consumers want to support brands that have similar values and that fight for social change. Over 3/4 of American consumers say that they prefer to buy from companies that are addressing social and environmental issues. 72% say that it’s more important than ever to support these companies.

Joseph Verrico says that in the 2020 marketplace your reputation can truly make or break your business. The increase in conscientious consumerism, the accessibility of online reviews and information, and consumer’s desire to be better informed are driving these changes.